UBER Middle East delivers puppies on-demand in the most adorable fundraiser!

raining puppies in AmmanIt’s raining cats and dogs in Amman, Jordan now, closing roads (flooded underpasses), some schools, and many offices. It’s the usual drill for a city ill-equipped for atypical weather. Now online transportation giant Uber is helping to “rain down more dogs” for a limited time today in what could be the world’s most adorable fundraiser.

Uber will be chauffeuring puppies on-demand across Amman, Beirut, Cairo and Istanbul today for anyone wanting to take a “paws” to refresh. It works like this: open your Uber app between 11 AM and 3 PM today and tap the “UberPUPPIES” option. A car will arrive with cuddly, precious cargo – just as all Uber cars do – with the vehicle and driver fully described, and an estimated arrival time.

Pups will be driven to homes and schools. Visits are open to office workers too. Check with your boss or building that they are cool with canine visitors.  Smart to check with coworkers to suss out who may have allergies, too. You and your friends will enjoy 15 minutes of puppy cuteness before the adorable critters return to their car for their next prepaid playdate.

There’s a JD10 cost per booking – which the car company calls a “snuggling fee” – with all proceeds going to selected animal welfare groups in each participating city. Malath Canaan Rescue is a foster-based NGO that focuses on the magnificent Canaan breed, Jordan’s most common stray dog. Their volunteer rescues, rehabilitates, provides medical treatment and re-homes the local dogs.

Malath says on their Facebook page, “The Canaan dog is the most abused, unwanted and tortured dog in the Middle East. They are one of the most loyal, loving, protective and easy-to-train dogs.”  Malath is the only network in Jordan that rescues this breed, and – due to local cultural views on dogs, and the Canaan in particular – the group works to find the animals homes with foreign owners and in countries other than Jordan.

Amman also boasts the Humane Shelter for Animal Welfare, with a no-kill shelter, vibrant pet adoption program, veterinary clinic and an ambitious program to offer treatment for the kingdom’s working animals.

Istanbul too has a robust animal welfare force.  Last year Green Prophet reported on a volunteer initiative for rescuing and resettling golden retrievers. Uber expects demand will be high.and urges you to be patient and keep trying to make your booking. But if you’re not in one of the named cities, or if your Amman road is underwater today, check out Malath online – (link here) – or visit your local animal shelter – to make a donation directly, or better yet, bring an animal into your life forever.

Image of adorable dog from Uber


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