Futuristic dome collectors collect dew for drinking water and crops

greenhouse water collector for ethiopia

Harvesting water from the air is not a new idea. Arid countries like Yemen are already using low tech watercones to funnel sea water to drinking water. Another funneling device is being developed by an Italian designer to trap water vapor in a Warkawater tower to harvest potable water directly from the air.

Still another device, called the Roots Up Dew Collector, is now being developed for Ethiopia in a project together with the University of Gondar. The device, which can also be used to grow vegetables and other crops, is dew trapping and will be used in the country’s arid northern regions.

The dome-like structure uses plastic sheeting to trap water vapor  during the day, turning it into dew which is then changed into water when exposed to cool evening air.

Roots Up is an organization based in northern Ethiopia that is working together with local farmers to help them use more sustainable agricultural methods to produce crops.

The greenhouses can be placed over planted crops to provide them wth water as well as producing needed drinking water. Due to not needing any mechanical components (motors, etc), the device can be quicky moved from place to place and then erected quickly without needing any external power sources.  Their overall simplicity makes them a good solution in undeveloped arid regions.

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2 thoughts on “Futuristic dome collectors collect dew for drinking water and crops”

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  2. Maurice says:

    The idea may well be good for the US state of California that has been so much ravaged by drought that it may go completely dry soon. Even desalination, now being finally acted upon, will take several years until the plants are built and working – with all their adverse environmental issues.

    This dew collecting device is completely safe to use . What can be better than this?

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