Storms forecasted – stop energy leaks

jordan snow citadel

The Levante is gearing up for a massive winter storm. Laurie over in Amman, Jordan is battening down the hatch and (lucky duck!) is preparing for a snow day (see the above image from last year); while me over in Israel, I am just wondering how to seal those pesky leaks blowing cold air through my poorly insulated 100-year-old home with zero insulation at modern standards.

Turns out there are some tips to stopping energy leaks in your home. The infographic below sums it up. Stay warm Middle East, and be eco-cool!

Via: Spray Foam Insulation Kit Manufacturer

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2 thoughts on “Storms forecasted – stop energy leaks”

  1. Anthony says:

    Just so you know, im saving this post.. i like better the information you give here than those sites I gathered way back then.

  2. It is true after using the spray foaming insulation I my house has become a better place to live. But make sure right company is used for this insulation work.

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