Istanbul police take selfie as man jumps to death


My experience with the Turkish police was problematic. As a tourist I was accosted by a man on moped, but because the perpetrator didn’t rape me or manage to steal my bag, the police weren’t interested in my complaint. New infuriation with the police stirs: Istanbul police officer takes selfie as a man a man commits suicide this morning.

The man jumped into the Bosphorus Strait from the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul and as the police unsuccessfully coached him to back down, a cop could be seen taking a selfie of the”action”.

The suicide was slow. After a three-hour operation on the bridge, the man jumped at a reported 9:35 am, and was later found dead by naval police in the water. The police who took the selfie is now being investigated.

Positive selfies from Tunisia


For those of you who want to take positive selfies – see what Tunisians are doing as they take selfies with piles of trash. Those are selfies that can lead to positive change. Not celebrating someone’s pain.

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