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open-your-eyes-for-the-children-of-syria-this-winterListen up. Several Syrian children froze to death this past week because they lacked adequate clothing. The UN predicts that more Syrians will die this winter from exposure to the elements than from the violence of the last three years. There needs to be more sustainable ways of treating refugees. But let’s start with the reality.

That stunning statement bears repeating: more will die this winter from cold than from a violent three-year war, and the smallest will be the largest casualties.

Stay in your seat, no need to get up.  Just check out these simple ways to make a difference.

This past week Jordan got snowdrifts, school and office closures, and schmaltzy holiday Muzak blasting in the malls. But the aspect of Christmas that’s in short supply is gifting to those who need it most. Can’t chalk it up to stinginess: people here do give, a lot.  There’s just too much damn need in this kingdom.

Working from home again today (airport highway impassable), I fire up the laptop and am quickly lobbed three emails.  Each laid out a simply request for a tiny bit of cash that could be transferred with a mouse click. And each focused on child refugees.

Screw politics, set aside religion; this couldn’t be easier.  It’s about kids.  Kids living in sodden tents with damp dirt floors.  Kids with awful shoes living with traumatized adults who need real help protecting their cold, scared kids.

The video below is the pitch from UNICEF UK.  Let’s hope the featured celebrities coughed up some cash. You can donate by credit card (link here). The site says that the British government is matching donations pound for pound.

Here’s another from Helping Refugees in Jordan (HRJ) (link here). Jordan-based HRJ organizes experienced volunteers who connect donors (of goods, resources, skills) with appropriate recipients, mostly refugees living in overburdened host communities. As part of their winterization campaign, HRJ is bulk-buying gently used coats in Jordan for peanuts and direct-distributes them to refugee children. A great way to upcycle and recycle! full donation goes straight to essential aid; HRJ applies no overhead charges and they sidestep shipping and import fees which can paralyze private donations by purchasing goods in-kingdom. They have no political or religious agenda; this is just about keeping kids warm.  Read more about them on their Facebook page (link here).

Mercy Corp We Care EventLastly, here’s the Mercy Corps’ “We Care About Syria” Winter Campaign (image above). 

Can you spare a dollar a month? Twelve bucks will buy a kid a winter coat and a plush toy, and they’ve just inked a deal that adds scarves, hats and socks to each package (all within the $12 price tag). 

This project uses HRJ volunteers who donate their time, allowing every dollar donated to go directly for relief. If this one appeals to you, donate though their link here.

Sure, Green Prophet will continue to bring you cutting edge environmental news. 

We’ll toss in fascinating updates on sustainable technology, some wild entertainment, and delicious recipes too.

But, in the spirit of the season, kindly indulge one of these humanitarian appeals. These maximally efficient projects mean the difference between life and death for a child this winter.

Please take a moment  to give?  And pass to others who might also chip in their pocket change. Thank you.

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