#Crazy Arab Men #Posing #Wearing Nail Polish #WTF

Saudi-Man-with-Painted-NailsSaudi men are sporting pedicures and manicures and posing hairy legs in tweeted photographs pinging across the Middle East. It’s part of a new Twitter hashtag #صور_كنك_بنت which translates to #Take a Picture of Yourself Like a Girl Does.


Unlike the Iranian Kurdsmen who wear dresses in support of feminism, the Arab men have no underlying agenda: seems these boys just want to have fun mocking women by posing “like girls”, photographing themselves, then uploading in this trending Epic Fail on Twitter.

(Did you know that Arabic is the fastest growing language on micro-blogging site Twitter? which is part-owned by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s Kingdom Holding Company.)

saudi manAccording to Global Voices, “The boys are poking fun at girls sharing their pictures on social media — of the shoes they wear, nail polish they apply, the coffee they sip and gifts they exchange with each other.”

Arab MetrosexualLooks like a smash-up of Facebook posting, Instagram snaps and the YouTube fad of guys-imitating-women in Sh*t Girls Say videos (which has an entire Middle Eastern sub-genre featuring Sh*t Arab Girls Say, Sh*t Lebanese Girls Say, Sh*t Birthrighters Say, and Sh*t Hijabis Say).

The guys seem to think this is hilarious. But poking fun at women who post trout-lip smirks seems so…yesterday.

For some riffing on social media that is truly #speaking of funny #sexy Saudi guys #trending on Twitter, spend two minutes with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. The #lolololololololololol #link is below:


Images of Saudi Men from #Take a Picture of Yourself Like a Girl Does

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