Taksim Square: Turkish Authorities Seize German Musician’s Piano

Gezi Park, Taksim Square, man with piano, Klavierkunst, Davide Martello, music, culture, protests, Istanbul, TurkeyDavide Martello transported a self-made grand piano from his home town in Konstanz, Germany to Taksim Square in Istanbul with peace on his mind. Previously the scene of total mayhem, the square turned into a one-man recital as the young pianist stunned onlookers with an original composition called “Lightsoldiers.”

Martello was supposed to tour Eastern Europe with his piano when he heard about the protests in Turkey, which erupted when authorities treated activists protesting the development of Gezi Park with a heavier-than-necessary hand.

Thousands of people subsequently took to the streets in cities all across the nation, as rage towards an increasingly dictatorial government bubbled on for twelve days.

The mayhem began to subside after authorities threatened a policy of zero tolerance towards dissenters, though stragglers continue to float in and out of Gezi Park and Taksim Square.

After delivering a performance that went viral on Facebook, Martello had his car and piano confiscated.

“The Turkish police seized my piano, my car and my Iphone [sic],” Martello wrote on his Facebook page.

“I need help!!! They didn’t arrest me because I have an angel with me.”

Scores of people inspired by his performance offered to help Davide, who has launched a crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo to help recover some of expenses and launch a unique, peacekeeping music label.

So far he has raised €635 out of €30,000.

Martello has been traveling the world with his piano since 2010.

Last Christmas he played at the German base in Afghanistan on Christmas eve in order to offer solace to the men who were separated from their families.

“I wanted to bring a piece of home to them,” he said. Of his overall intention, he says “I want to bring peace and love to the world through my music. That‘s why I play on public squares of big cities to emphazise [sic] the moments.”

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  1. Henna Lund says:

    what a great idea to fight for peace!
    we need more people like this pianist:

    nice to see that there is a little good out there at least : )

  2. JTR says:

    New classical music? Play it on PBS radio.

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