I Scream, You Scream: Iran Targets World Ice Cream Record

world's biggest tub of ice creamAn Iranian confectioner packed five tons of ice cream into a a single container to scoop a new world record in desserts.

When you’ve just clinched the title as “monster rat” breeding grounds, why not sweeten your international appeal with the world’s biggest tub of ice cream? Last week in Tehran, Iranian dairy company Choopan popped the lid off a five-ton tub of chocolate ice cream.  Approximately 70 cubic feet of frosty delight that cost it’s makers over $30,000 to produce.

Choopan CEO Khashayar Baheri told Arab News, “It took us eight hours to fill the tub.” Guinness World Records has yet to declare its verdict, but the World Record Academy says this sets a new world record for the “largest tub of ice cream”.  (I had an aunt who held that title for decades.)

“We recorded exactly how we made the ice cream and we’ll give all the documents to Guinness as evidence to support our attempt,” he added. Representatives of the Guinness World Records did witness the record attempt in Tehran, but could not speak to the media for “security reasons”.

Choopan Dairy Board Member Mohammad Baheri said the company aimed to register a new world record and also boost Iranian ice cream consumption. “Right now, we are breaking the record registered in 2005 by Baskin-Robbins for about four tons,” event organizer Khashayar Baheri told Iran’s state-run Press TV. “We’re breaking that record by one ton.”

Iran World Record Ice Cream

Iranians eat an average 3.3. lb of ice cream per year.

Over 10,000 people trekked to a ski resort in the foothills of Tochal, just north of the capital, to get a peek at the prizewinning pudding.  Conservative website Baztab-e-Emrooz reported that the crowd’s enthusiasm dampened when organizers distributed free ice cream that didn’t come from the tub, raising suspicions about the ice cream’s safety and the legitimacy of the record attempt.  (So, maybe that wasn’t ice cream?  The dessert thickens…)

The world record for the largest cup of ice cream  has been held since 2005 by America’s  Baskin-Robbins for their tub of vanilla ice cream weighing 8,865 pounds. Dairy Queen Canada holds the world record for the largest ice cream cake; it weighed in at 22,333.6 pounds.

Choopan dairy, Farsi for “shepherd,” launched its ice cream line last year and claims to be one of Iran’s top three dairy producers, with plans to expand into the Gulf, Middle East and Russian markets. Click this link to see their fun website – in English and Farsi, it offers cute online games for the kids.

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