Markus Kayser’s Sun Cutter is Low-Tech Laser Cutter Powered Entirely by Sun

Markus Kayser, solar power, clean tech, laser printer, Sun Cutter, desertAnyone who loved the 3D Solar Sinter that uses the sun’s energy to turn sand into functional glass objects will love the Sun Cutter. Also designed by Markus Kayser, this homemade laser cutter carves pre-programmed industrial designs into a variety of materials – including cardboard, paper and even thin slabs of plywood  – and it is entirely solar-powered.  

Markus Sun Cutter 02Markus Kayser completed his Master studies at the Royal College of Art and Design in the UK, during which time he produced a remarkable body of work. The young inventor tested his first major design, a 3D solar printer that produces bowls and other objects using nothing but sun and sand, in the Egyptian desert. Eventually, whole buildings could probably be constructed in the desert using some variation of the Solar Sinter.

Markus Sun Cutter 03

The Sun Cutter also harnesses solar energy. A low-tech design that incorporates pre-digital technology, the laser cutter is equipped with a cam system used to program Kayser’s cuts – be they horizontal bands or a series of circular cutouts.

The cutting mechanism is propelled by a small motor that drives a timing belt, while a focused ball lens burns through the material at hand. Paper and cardboard are easy game for the Sun Cutter, and it can also handle plywood sheets up to 0.4mm thick.

Markus Sun Cutter 04Completely solar-powered and not excessively complicated in design, this clever device could be beneficial in developing countries that lack some of the sophisticated equipment available in wealthier nations. Plus it demonstrates what a wealth of tools nature has provided – yet we have squandered what precious resources we have.

We can’t wait to see what Markus pulls off next.

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