Change The World In A Green Minute (Video)

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False advertising.  It’ll take a minute and thirty-seven seconds to watch this tapestry of images tracing the cosmic origins of mankind. Not enough time to get fidgety, barely enough time to dent your cup of coffee, but maybe just long enough to remind you why you check in to Green Prophet.

Come on, admit it. You are amazing. Powerful, intelligent and pretty good looking.  You like new ideas, you are drawn to creativity.  And you want to change the world.  Not just read about others doing it.

So watch the clip below, listen to the cool original music.  Then step away from the monitor inspired to take a decisive action. Think of how the film’s sequel will play out if you don’t.

You can sit a bit longer ONLY if you’re surfing through Green Prophet to gather details on what exactly you can do. Use these ideas from the archives to kick things into play:

Green Prophet is an interactive enterprise.  Good ideas are worthless if they aren’t put into motion.  Let us know where you take it.

Image of you as Earth by Shutterstock

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on animal rights activism.

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