Green Recycling Machines for Light Bulbs and Batteries in Sharjah

light bulb recycling sharjah

You can get vending machines for the strangest things in the Arab Gulf – even for gold bars. But thinking in a greener direction, the United Arab Emirates is the second country in the world to adopt light bulb and used battery recycling machines to the public. Five reverse vending machines are being set up in Sharjah this week. Used light bulbs and batteries are considered hazardous waste, though just a drop in the bucket of electronic related waste. But bulbs and batteries do contribute to the build up of dangerous levels of mercury when these chemicals seep into the ground.

The city of Sharjah already employs vending machines for plastic bottle recycling and medical wastes through an organization called Wakaya, and the city’s environment agency is planning to award prizes to people for their recycling initiatives.

The initiative is part of Shajah’s Zero Waste for 2015 campaign. Bee’ah, who we featured here is also trying to get commercial properties and malls to use more efficient lighting.

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    Many thanks for sharing information about green recycling machines…

  2. Haidee Gingoyon says:

    Please let us know the location of these light bulb recycling machines

  3. Tino says:

    We don’t have something like this in Croatia, but it seems like a great idea.

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