Announcing the Winner of an Organic Cotton Dress from MuMu Organic

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The time has finally come to announce the winner of the Facebook competition launched in cooperation with MuMu Organic – the first organic clothing line in Greece. Randomly chosen by our judges, Shannon Gilmour gets to enjoy the dress of her choice, which will be shipped to her from Greece. Readers will recall that we asked participants to say why it’s important to choose organic and fair trade clothing. This is what Shannon wrote:

“I recently watched a talk – Michael Braungart: Why Less Bad Isn’t Better (you can find it here

Braungart, a chemist who promotes Cradle to Cradle thinking and design, talks about the cancerous chemicals in everyday objects. Our skin is the largest permeable organ on our body. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves, and that is a scary thought!

After watching this talk, I started to look at my wardrobe differently. I have mostly natural fibers, but few organic pieces. Many of my clothes I have had for many years, and they have held up well, but need replacement. So I started looking online to see what types of fibers have the least chemicals. Surprisingly to me, bamboo is heavily processed with chemicals to convert it to modal, a rayon.

All rayons are chemically processed – so those are out. Silks, are also heavily processed with chemicals. Same for linen made from flax. In the end, organic cotton was by far the best for humanity and the planet. I think MuMu’s dress designs are beautiful and timeless. Organic cotton and fair-trade – Fantastic. I’d rather make it myself than enslave anyone. Finally, clothing for the body, mind, and spirit to feel great in.

Thanks MuMu and Green Prophet!”

Thank you Shannon and our other readers who participated. We didn’t reach our goal but we are still happy to have many new readers on board. And a special thanks to Athena Bentila from MuMu Organic, who will contact both Shannon and the first five respondents entitled to a 50% discount on the company’s online store.

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