ZERO Awards: Egyptian Designers Have a Week to Strut Their Green Stuff

green design, urban planning, Egypt, landscape design, architecture, ZERO Awards 2012, incubatorSupported in part by the Egyptian German Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP), the ZERO award 2012 has extended their deadline for Egyptian designers eager to submit innovative green ideas to the country’s architecture, interior design, and urban planning challenges. The top entries from each category will be recognized publicly and internationally and the winners will also travel to the final competition in Germany.

Previously open to Ethiopian and German participants as well, the deadline for Egyptian architects, landscape and urban designers has been extended by seven days to June 16th, 2012, so there’s still time to submit your proposals. The top three contestants from each country will be awarded materials and consultation valued at up to €500 which should be used towards developing a marketable prototype as well as support sourcing funders and producers.

Called ZERO, this innovation competition for sustainable startups is in its second year. The focus this year is on green architecture and design and contestants are invited to visit for detailed instructions on how to prepare proposals and enter the competition. We know that there are many talented Egyptian innovators out there… so get up and go! Go now. Apply. And make your ideas known.

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