Giza Pyramids Pollution and What the Brochures Don’t Show (Video)


Brochures for the Giza Pyramids usually depict Egypt’s historic relics amid a poignant desert background or a deep, radiant sunset. Camels and their Bedouin owners lurk in the background, poised to take visitors on the adventure of a lifetime. But these images spread only half the truth.

Although numbers have dropped precipitously since the revolution, in 2010 tourism accounted for approximately 11% of the country’s GDP. So it stands to reason that the authorities take excellent care of their national treasures, right? Unfortunately not.

During Mubarak’s 30 years as President, Egypt fell into a terrible decline, mummifying basic goods and services. And the masses have grown to accept life in the shadows of a once-great nation. This video depicts what the road to Giza really looks like and underscores the enormous challenges President Morsi has to face.

Video and story by Tafline Laylin

Desert Dancer by DJ Nickodemus

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5 thoughts on “Giza Pyramids Pollution and What the Brochures Don’t Show (Video)”

  1. Tinamarie says:

    JTR – You bring up important points. I’ll reference my 2011 story that inspired and incited many when I proposed that the solution to many of the Middle East’s problems is the full emancipation and freedom for women.

    Tafline – I wish I shared your hope about how relics will be treated. We have examples (the Buddhist statues in Afganistan) that suggest extremists don’t treat ancient treasures with the same care as other groups. It only takes a few moments to destroy precious remnants. Let’s hope Egypt and her good citizens find safe and democratic footing soon.

  2. JTR says:

    What no one wants to talk about is the fact that building the pyramids created the desert by cutting down most of the trees. Nor will they discuss the fact that male-dominated overpopulation is destroying Egypt and the entire planet with growing tons of pollution dumped here, there and everywhere. They won’t listen to the simple ideas of safely recycling 100% of all human-generated waste materials, and peacefully reducing the population with family planning education, because they are addicted to personal wealth and power.

  3. Maurice says:


    I’m referring to ultra extreme groups and not the more moderate ones like Muhamad Morsi is a member of. There has been talk by some of these groups regarding the Egyptian antiquities. We’ll all have to watch and see which direction the new realities take Egypt.

    That’s my drift on the subject.

  4. Maurice, I think the media has seriously exaggerated how the Islamists are going to bring Egypt down; I would be very, very surprised to see historic monuments actively destroyed in the manner of which you speak. Nor do I think it’s helpful for one of our own writers to spread such divisive talk.

  5. Maurice says:

    What is also not being said is what extreme elements (the Salamists) may be planning to do with these relics, which they consider to be blasphemous like the Taliban thought of (and did to) historic monuments in Afghanistan.

    So much for national treasures.

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