Giza Pyramids Pollution and What the Brochures Don’t Show (Video)

[youtube][/youtube] Brochures for the Giza Pyramids usually depict Egypt’s historic relics amid a poignant desert background or a deep, radiant sunset. Camels and their Bedouin owners lurk in the background, poised to take visitors on the adventure of a lifetime. But these images spread only half the truth. Although numbers have dropped precipitously since the revolution, […]


3 Minute Video Shows How Humans Devoured Earth in 250 Years

Recently Arwa posted NASA images that depict how we have drastically altered countries in the Middle East and North Africa – a jarring post that was read by hundreds of people around the world. Today we bring you a staggering video by Globaïa, which globalizes local issues and demonstrates how efficiently human beings have conquered […]

WATCH: Protecting Mangroves in the Arab Gulf

[youtube][/youtube] Earlier this week Tafline found the vivacious character Ali Saloom from the United Arab Emirates who has launched a new show:  Ask Ali About the Environment. One of his first episodes on environmental issues in Abu Dhabi, here Ali points out how mangroves in Abu Dhabi protect us from environmental catastrophes. Click the above […]