Green Prophet Hasn’t Given up on Egypt

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Green Prophet is heading into Egypt and we want to hear about all your growing green projects. Now more than ever environmentalists need to stay the course, to lay the groundwork for a better future so that when the powers-to-be (whoever they will be) finally sort out their mess, we will be ready.

Whether it’s rooftop farming, off-grid solar, fair-trade fashion, or earth-friendly architecture you’re interested in, we’re here for you. Contact me (Tafline Laylin, the Managing Editor) directly at [email protected] and I’ll give your project media coverage. Our international readership, which is growing day by day, wants to know that Egyptians are an eco-force to be reckoned with – even if it doesn’t seem that way now.

If you doubt us, check out the American University of Cairo’s Solar Decathlon team. At the height of last year’s revolution, they managed to push through their groundbreaking SLIDES project, gaining recognition as the first country from Africa or the Middle East to participate in the competition. Or hook up with the Hosny brothers at Schaduf, who are slowly helping low-income folk gain control over their lives again.

Despite the numerous challenges facing Egypt, ordinary citizens are making it easier to live a healthier life and to lighten their carbon footprint. The Sekem organic farm is world-renowned, eco-lodges abound and activists fight tirelessly to make their voices heard above the political din. We’re not going to lie: flying into Cairo at this turbulent time doesn’t sound nearly as awesome as snorkeling in quiet, mostly peaceful Oman, but we believe in Egypt.

And we’re ready to fight for a (much more) sustainable future.

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4 thoughts on “Green Prophet Hasn’t Given up on Egypt”

  1. Mona Fouad says:

    Including Israel?

  2. Mona, we are registered in Canada and have writers all over the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere.

  3. Mona Fouad says:

    Where is Green Prophet website based in Middle East?

  4. JTR says:

    Egypt is oppressed by rival hordes of male supremists, each with a rival concept of domination. Ask the women what they want and they will say peace and cooperation.

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