Loch Ness, Whale Placenta? A Lava Lamp? Mysterious Deep Sea Creature from UK is Revealed

deep sea creature Deepstaria EnigmaticaIt’s called Deepstaria Enigmatica, but what is it?

A very cool video of a mysterious creature filmed during deep-sea drilling 5000 feet below sea level near the United Kingdom on April 25, has created much clamor amongst scientists. Theories about the species of this animal ranged from a jellyfish to an unknown marine version of the Loch Ness monster to a whale placenta. Mind you, a new undiscovered species would also be a likely conclusion- especially given that ocean depths remain one of the least explored and understood places, in fact we know more about the moon than our own oceans. Click below to see the video and to find out what it is.


Experts like Southern Cross University marine biology lecturer Dr. Daniel Bucher, believed that this creature resembled “a very unusual shape deep sea jellyfish”, the sex organs give it away , he said.  Others thought that the creature was a Stygiomedusa Gigantea jellyfish which can grow up to six meters in length and has only been spotted 114 times in 110 years.

But alas the verdict has been finally reached, the species is in fact a (collapsed) Deepstaria Enigmatica, a rare jellyfish species that resembles a translucent satin sheet or “lava lamp”.

This species was first captured on camera in 1967 (below) and described very similarly to the species caught in the video.

deep sea creature

Images from DeepSea News

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