Chic Reusable Cotton Bags Make Eco-Friendly Shopping Cool

"eco-friendly cloth bags"These designed cotton bags are way cooler than plastic.

Plastic bags are undoubtedly bad for the environment, but sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to carry reusable bags with you for those spur-of-the-moment trips to the store.  Serious and devoted DIYers and plastic bag avoiders may make their own reusable cloth shopping bags out of materials found at home (such as t-shirts), but for others, reusable bags need to be made convenient or they won’t get used at all.

In order to make reusable bags an easy (and chic) solution for shoppers who want to avoid plastic, Kiosk (a design studio based in Tel Aviv) has created an “I Love Earth” collection of reusable cotton bags with unique printed designs.

"persimmon cloth bag"The bags come in three sizes – extra small bags, little bags, and shoulder bags – and are made out of 100% unprocessed, natural cotton.

The various sizes make them suitable for different things, whether you want to pick up some onions from the market, pack your sandwich for work, or use one of the bags as an alternative to wrapping paper for an eco-gift.

"reusable bag design"The beautiful hand-printed images on the bags come from atlases, botanical books, children’s books, and games.  Specific designs can also be custom ordered.

:: I Love Earth 

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