Recycled Tea Strainer Lamp Creates Soothing Glow

"tea strainer upcycled lamp"As an alternative light fixture, Israeli designer Marina Rudinsky lights up a string of loose tea strainers.

Items found in the kitchen are often endowed with unusual shapes and holes, and many a designer have found ways to convert kitchen tools into light fixtures.  Pasta strainers are an obvious choice, but small, delicate loose tea strainers pose a good option too and Israeli designer Marina Rudinsky has assembled them in a luminous fashion.  (Tea paraphernalia has been upcycled in other ways as well, with tea wrappers being masterfully crafted into origami pieces.)

"strainer recycled light fixture"Filled with small white Christmas lights and strung together in a cluster, the tea strainers are then hung from a small free-standing stand.

"tea strainer lamp"The lamp almost looks like a dangly pearl earring, or as though all the tea strainers are seeping in one glowing, communal mug.

If the lights used to fill the strainers were energy efficient LED lights, Rudinsky’s tea strainer lamp would make an even eco-friendlier gift.

Marina Rudinsky is a designer and art director, who describes herself as loving strong colors, happy people and big animals.

: Marina Rudinsky

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  1. Bamboo Guru says:

    Never in my life would I have thought tea strainers could make something so beautiful. I feel inspired thinking about sitting by this lamp and drinking my cup of tea. How peaceful.

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