Dutch Company Floats New Idea for Artificial “World” Island Investors

floating islands, artificial islands, dubai, the gulf, the world, climate change, sea levelsDutch Docklands proposes floating islands as an alternative to developing Dubai’s “The World” artificial islands

We can’t think of anything more unfortunate than getting stuck with an artificial island (like this one that Israel proposes to build off Gaza). But investors who bought one of 300 “countries” off the coast of Dubai will be happy to know that Dutch Docklands from the Netherlands is proposing to create floating islands as a more sustainable option to the “World’s” artificial islands.

Devastating to marine environments out of which they are scraped together, artificial islands are also costly to develop. But in an exclusive interview with Emirates 24/7, Dutch Dockland’s CEO Paul van de Camp reveals that investors who purchased water masses along with their landmass now have a building option that won’t require any additional infrastructure to build.

floating islands, artificial islands, dubai, the gulf, the world, climate change, sea levels

Van de Camp told Emirates 24/7 that investors with water masses can avoid pouring a ton of money into developing their artificial island.

“As all the equipment is within the island and is therefore completely self supporting; the owners do not have to depend on getting any infrastructure ready,” he says.

The same developers behind the floating Golf Course in the Maldives and The Floating Proverb, Dutch Docklands are also going to propose the floating island option to Qatar, where the 2016 Soccer World Cup is going to be held.

“They will need to build infrastructure and stadiums. Although for many people it will be quite a visionary thought, but we can build a floating stadium or even a whole village for them,” van de Camp told the paper.

With sea levels rising as a result of climate change, many designers and planners are pitting floating structures as a viable infrastuctural and housing solution. Who knows what will come of marine life when human beings extend their colonies into the world’s oceans. In the meantime, let us know: do you think floating islands are better than artificial islands?

:: Emirates 24/7


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