Feasting On Fairtrade This Ramadan

With just over two weeks left till Ramadan the Islamic month of fasting, Muslims are being urged to go fairtrade

For the typical Muslim family, the last couple of days before Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, is a mad dash to get everything sorted. Mums and dads will be finding time to do those odd jobs around the house (so they can invite visitors round) and buying enough food basics to last the month (so they won’t have to go shopping when they’re hungry). But the UK-based Muslim organisation the ‘Radical Middle Way’ is urging Muslims to take a step back and think about consciously buying, using and serving Fairtrade products this Ramadan.

As they explain, Islam believes that people deserve decent working conditions and a fair price for what they produce, so why not put these beliefs into practice this Ramadan?

Muslims Embrace Fairtrade for Ramadan

Last year, I covered the ‘Buy-Nothing-Ramadan’ Challenge where Muslims were encouraged to give consumerism a miss for 30 days as well as 6 easy steps to go green for Ramadan. This year, I’ll be following Radical Middle Way’s efforts to encourage Muslims to embrace fair-trade.

They explain that Islam has always valued fairness in trade which ensures that workers get a fair price for their work whilst producers get a fair price for their produce. Consequently, buying and supporting fair-trade is a logical step for Muslims which should be encouraged and what better time is there to kick start a new habit than Ramadan? As they saying goes, it takes a month to instill a new habit so the holy month of fasting is perfect!

Take The Fairtrade Pledge

Radical Middle Way, which was established in 2005, is a progressive Muslim organisation based in the UK which works to promote a mainstream and moderate understanding of Islam that young people can relate to. They have previously encouraged Muslims to go green for Ramadan and Abdal Hakim Murad, who is part of the project to create a green Mosque in Cambridge, works closely with the organisation. They are asking Muslims to take the Fairtrade Ramadan pledge which states:

I pledge to:

1. Affirm the spirit of Ramadan in word and in deed – a spirit which calls on me to draw close to God by seeking His mercy, being charitable and promoting justice for all.

2. Consciously buy, use and serve Fairtrade products this Ramadan in preparing meals and breaking my fast – products like bananas, dates, olive oil, coffee, tea and chocolate.

3. Promote the principles of Fairtrade and encourage my family and friends, mosques and community organisations to commit to using Fairtrade products whenever possible seeking trade justice and a better life for all producers.

To find out more and take the pledge yourself, check out their facebook page.

: Image via Radical Middle Way

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