Planned Lion-Fight In Egypt Takes A Political Turn

al-sayed-al-essawy, gladiator, lion fightThis young Egyptian man believes he is the strongest in the world, and hopes to use this gift to battle lions.

The surreal story of the Egyptian man who plans to fight a lion in order to generate revenue for his country has taken a bizarre political turn. Following the announcement that 25 year old al-Sayed al-Essawy from Daqahlia plans to fight an African lion in front of the Pyramids of Giza, hundreds of people signed petitions in protest.

Not only has the man broken wildlife trafficking laws by purchasing a lion on the black market for roughly $4,000, but he will most likely kill a magnificent and endangered animal for sport. Wild rumors proliferated that the modern-day gladiator was arrested, but not so. Our friends at Al-Masry Al-Youm interviewed al-Eassawy, who explains that Israel (“through all their atrocities” he grew up watching on television) led him to this fight.

The Ministry of Tourism issued a statement that they do not in any way sanction this lion fight, and the Ministry of Interior has ignored al-Essawy’s request for a permit to publicly engage in what he calls a “life or death” battle.

Nonetheless, the “strongest man in the world” believes he has a gift that can benefit others and has plans to proceed with the lion fight even if he has to do so in secret. He says that battling the world’s strongest creature is like fighting America and Israel. They too can be defeated. Read the entire interview on Al-Masry Al-Youm.

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4 thoughts on “Planned Lion-Fight In Egypt Takes A Political Turn”

  1. RS says:

    Guys whats wrong with you? are you the ones fighting the lion? are you the owners of the lion? NO! so stop objecting so strongly. if he is convinced he can kill a lion, then let him be. and dont say ignorant things like the lion will kill him because you never know. afterall… he is the strongest man in the world.

  2. WA says:

    He should be arrested that idiot!! WTH?!?! He will get himself killed!! Fighting a lion for what?!?! I seriously hope that he is stopped before he gets himself killed. I’m not worried about this moron! I’m worried about the lion who will most likely get shot to death if he kills the man! That idiot should win The Darwin Award! Seriously…… fighting a lion to death because this will prove that we CAN take the US down…… what an idiot!!!!

  3. DS says:

    I hope that lion bites his head off.

  4. Avigail Frij says:

    Are the worldwide Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals paying attention? Or does political correctness again insist they overlook the less than sterling performances of people of this third-world nation because any means against Israel justifies its ends – even this pathetic spectacle? Poor defenseless lion….Doesn’t anyone object?

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