Knit Your Own Sustainable Muslim ‘Sunnah’ Beard

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For Muslims on a budget, or those who can’t grow a full one: make or buy your own everlasting beard.

Are you religious? Do you wish you had a beard? Do you want to make your own? Whether man or woman, creating your very own face-scarf in the shape of a beard will make the boldest fashion statement about your eco beliefs that you really can wear on your sleeve… or head.

Beards are good for faith

In Islam men are encouraged to grow out their beards when becoming adults. But it must be kept tame, regularly trimmed and environmentally friendly. This means it shouldn’t cost the earth to maintain or make a nuisance in your more intimate moments.

A Muslim “Sunnah” beard

The rewards behind the chin fuzz lie in the fact that sporting a beard is a “sunnah” – a prophetic tradition following the footsteps of Muhammad, the last prophet in Islam. A beard is therefore a Muslim symbol of manhood, purity, of maturity, and let’s face it, any man that can carry off a facial forestation looks mighty sexy. But if waiting to sprout is not your thing, check out how you can get your own awesome beard!

1. Knit one – ask your grandmother’s knitting group to gift you a unique beard with your own initials. Or if you’re a hardcore DIY junkie follow download them!

2. Buy one – in 2010 the “knit-o-beard” became a massive European hit for men and women alike. Although they’re made from 100% acrylic yarn for easy care, Green Prophet suggests investing in an all organic-fibre beard that’s free of chemicals and dyes.

Etsy is selling a Bearded Beanie in a variety of colours, sizes and comfort factors; just the solution to our naked faces.

3. Crochet one – borrow a pair of needles, watch a YouTube video or invest in a “how to” book to learn the essentials of handcrafting a new disguise. And when you’re done with your beard, pay it forward by trending it to friends or hang it outside full of stale bread as a make-shift bird feeder. For the more creative weird beard lovers, be inspired by the following thematic looks:

knit muslim beard

knitted muslim beard

knit beard muslims

knitted beard

knitted beard

Sustainable benefits of a knitted beard

It makes great insulation for your head and neck, especially if you live in a colder climate or plan on visiting a Middle Eastern country after global warming covers the region with snow.

They double up as a neck warmer and hat.

It can be interchanged every season depending on your mood.

It makes an affordable party costume.

They make fantastic profile pictures and excellent one-of-a-kind gifts.

It can enhance the double life you’re leading as an eco-warrior and corporate slave.

Wearing a synthetic beard made from yarn shows how dedicated you are to looking Muslim.

Children everywhere will marvel at your superhero like image. You heard it here first. If the beard doesn’t fit, go forth and knit!

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14 thoughts on “Knit Your Own Sustainable Muslim ‘Sunnah’ Beard”

  1. Fauzia says:

    this is hilarious ta very much ..!

  2. Charlie says:

    In addition to being eco-fabulous, warming and superheroic, the knitted beard scores top points for queerness! At last, every woman who wants a beard can have one! Or several, to match with mood. 🙂

    1. I am not queer, and wouldn’t mind a beard for when I am in Canada in the winter.

  3. Zainab G. says:

    Knitters are not exclusively to grandmothers. Knitters are everyone and everyone such as celebrities like Brad Pitt, knitwear designers Jared Flood, Franklin Habit as well as Nicky Epstein, Elizabeth Zimmerman has published, educates, particapted and change the face how knitters are viewed. There are constant knit alongs, fibers events and festival are hosted all the time global. Knitting in the movies X-Men, knitting shows Knitting Daily, knitting blogs, YouTube demo and a global online knitters community like Ravelry. Universities and colleges are now offering knitwear degrees like Academy of Art of San Fransciso, CA. Not to mention many famed designers who are knitters and incorportated knitwear into their lines like Missoni, Alexander McQueen and Christine Dior. Major businesses like Vogue Knitting has hosted Knit Summits this past January boost a large turnout of classes, fashion shows, demo and natural the many fibers/yarns one can sample and purchase, UK Knit Nations, USA Sock Summit, Prince Charles has begun a campaign to bring back the wool to the fashion, retail industry and to the general population of Wales, UK and Australia. Knitters are being introducted into public and some private schools like Waldorf education among school kids and in some after school centers. Knitters are not all grandmothers and not all grandmothers are knitters.

    1. Zainab – are you a knitter?

  4. Murtaza says:

    Hi Karin,

    Wow, I never actually thought about the environmental benefits of not shaving! Given that “The average shave uses 3-10 gallons of water”*, yeah I would also say that shaving less or not at all would be an environmentally responsible thing to do. I’m surprised, though, I would imagine it requiring a lot less water… especially if you don’t let the water run.

    Sorry for the affront Zaufishan, as you can guess, the article *totally* caught me off guard since I did not make the connection between beard-growing and environmental stewardship at all. And I actually consider myself an environmentalist (hopefully! 🙂 ), so if I was lost then I wonder who else?


  5. Murtaza says:

    Hi, I honestly don’t get what this has to do with sustainability. I’m not unwelcoming of the topic (of knitted beards) itself, but to claim it is an environmental thing doesn’t fit (or at least, you haven’t demonstrated so), and seems an insult or a joke to more legitimate environmentalism.

    1. Murtaza,

      Environmentalists now widely accept that beard growing is green. Here is a post from the Sierra Club on that:

  6. Zaufishan says:

    I’m pleased at how well our Muslims viewers are responding to an artificial alternative to an otherwise Muslim practice.

    I once knitted a scarf with attached gloves that was large enough to wear as a headscarf (“hijab”). I am so making myself a beard now… !

    Peace and love and eco jihad.

  7. Cartoon M says:

    I know a few brothers who can use this. *shares*

  8. Arwa says:

    AMAZING! Love it and really made me giggle. Thanks Z

  9. Patricia Kloosterman says:

    Never mind for religious reasons every one in Canada could use these for our brutal winters

    1. Mom, you should start a knitting circle for beards. Much more attractive than belacalavas.

    2. Mom, you being a woman: would you wear a knitted beard?

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