Muslim Sex Shop El Asira Offers Halal Entry Point

El Asira sex shop

El Asira is a discreet online store that sells adult pleasure aids aimed at a savvy international Muslim community. Committed to maintaining a halal presence that is inline with Islamic tenets of sexuality, the site offers two ‘portals’ – one for men and another for women – where shoppers can select a range of pleasure-enhancing products from massage oils and candles, glides and lubricants, and nutritional supplements.

Conservative-minded customers won’t be offended: there are no salacious images or suggestive innuendo. As such, El Asira’s establishment is a romance-lover’s novelty within the Islamic world. They explain: “Sexuality in Islam has always been considered as positive, both by men and women. Today it is basically still the same, although sexuality in Islam is by some Muslims labeled as taboo. We are dealing with stereotypical prejudices by some, including non-Muslims in regards to the topic of sexuality within Islam.”

Besides offering Muslim and non-Muslim couples a resource that adheres to religious guidelines, the website also hopes to create, “a broader positive perspective about sexuality and Islam.”  Discretion doesn’t mean that pleasure is forbidden or un-Islamic, the site insists.  El Asira aims to increase, “awareness and acceptance of sexuality and sexual health within the life of Muslim and non Muslim couples alike and Muslims in general as well as the community as a whole.”

The problem is that information isn’t forthcoming. The site features a fair selection of non-insertive adult products (our research suggested that sex toys are generally forbidden for use in this community), but if lovers and couples have questions regarding sexuality from an Islamic perspective, they won’t yet find them on El Asira just yet. Nor is their lingerie line available (though we recall they were promoting it as coming soon last time we researched their site).

Eco-conscious Muslims can take heart: El Asira does carry an eco-friendly line of lubrications by Swede Fruity Love, a company that makes an array of natural and safe erotic products from food-grade non-toxic and edible ingredients.  Swede Fruity Love lubrications do no disrupt the vaginal environment and are safe to use with condoms, according to the manufacturer (but be careful: Natural oils are not safe to use with all condoms. Check with the maker to be sure).

Not surprising given the novelty of El Asira, the company has received quite a bit of press attention since “opening their doors.” discussed this small but growing market in an article last year that also looked at the establishment of a Brick and Mortar store in Bahrain. No word on whether or not El Asira plans on opening up shop beyond the web at this time.

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