Eco-Massage Oil Is ‘Trust in a Bottle’

A grape seed, avocado and apricot kernel massage oil is great for eco-intimacy.

Recently, the developer of an environmentally friendly, vegan and kosher natural oil for massage and intimacy contacted your Green Love editor with a delightful request. Review their product – TRUST – for the eco-conscious audience in the Middle East.  Being ardent advocates of greening our love lives, we agreed to do the deed; after all, we live in a region that could benefit from a whalloped-sized injection of trust, sweet trust. “We believe the sentiment of personal ‘trust’ is essential to any healthy relationship. We further believe that a soothing massage with your loved one may promote intimacy and thereby contribute to a healthy relationship,” Daniel Ray, founder.

TRUST is a blend of Grape Seed, Avocado and Apricot Kernel oils that are high quality, organic, food grade, and kosher. It does not contain the major lubrication No-No’s such as glycerin (not all forms are bad for you, we must point out), parabens, petrochemicals, or preservatives. It comes in a discreet blue glass bottle that won’t shock your modest guests if they happen to sneak a peak. And like all natural oils, it is NOT recommended that you use it with latex products.

The founder, Daniel Ray, hails from Colorado and has dedicated a large portion of his life to finding ways that couples can improve their relationships. Sensual and therapeutic massage offers many benefits to couples, from relieving anxiety and stress, increasing levels of love-friendly neural-hormones, and enhancing emotional and physical intimacy.

Through Ray’s own exploration with massage therapy, he created his own unique mixtures of oils, and came up with TRUST, one he believes is superior to those more widely available.  Together with his uncle, Ray developed TRUST with the thought of enhancing intimacy and improving relationships among loving people around the world.

TRUST is designed as, “an exceptional massage oil and a wonderful addition to the art of making love,” he explained.  Mainstream sex educators and eco-sexuality advocates agree. The reviews across the board so far for the product have been outstanding, and we couldn’t agree more.  It’s luxurious, non-greasy, and smooth, with barely any scent, which makes it a good carrier oil for lovers who may want to experiment with natural fragrances or essential oils.

TRUST is available online at for consumers in the US and Canada only at this time, though rumor has it the company is looking to collaborate with local distributors in this region.

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