“Aflockalypse Now” Bird Deaths and HAARP Death Rays

Haarp bird deathIs a bird death “aflockalypse” being caused by ionospheric experimentation?

Strange mass bird and fish kill-offs. Then 152 dolphins get “zapped” in the Straits of Hormuz and 200 cows die suddenly in the American State of  Wisconsin. News reports some 7000 buffalo dying  in Vietnam seem to indicate that something unnatural may be causing all of these apocalyptic animal catastrophes. And the fact that a number of these occurrences have happened since the beginning of this year, make the events seem even odder. These topics were discussed during my resent interview with James Donald, a film producer for the nature film production company John Rubin Productions. He thinks that US experimentation HAARP is to blame.

James Donald

John Rubin Productions has produced and filmed natural documentary programs for the Natural Geographic Society, NATURE, and other prominent nature organizations.

Following my article about 152 dolphins being literally burned to death in the water by what is being attributed to some kind of mysterious “death ray” Donald contacted me with the request to conduct an interview for a program his company is working on. To be published on  National Geographic, his film will be dealing with what could be causing a number of weird mass bird and other animal “die-offs”, which many are now saying could be connected with the HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program being conducted in Gakona Alaska by the US Navy, Air Force and University  of Alaska.

The documentary that Donald is producing deals with the possible connection of the HAARP experiments with the Earth’s electromagnetic radio waves present in the ionosphere with these strange animal deaths. He became extremely interested  in the Green Prophet article that I wrote, dealing with the circumstances of the mass killing of the dolphins in the Persian Gulf in late November 2007, which was documented by Iranian fishermen and made into a You Tube video clip, included in my article.

During our half hour conversation, we covered a number of these strange animal death occurrences, including the more than 5,000 red-winged blackbirds that literally fell from the sky in the town of Beebe Arkansas as well as a large number of fresh water drum fish (a fish that communicates with it’s kind by making a series of croaking sounds) found dead on the banks of the Arkansas River.

“Aflockalypse” bird and fish deaths

Although I am not a physicist or biologist my answer to the cause of these occurrences is that they cannot be attributed to something like the HAARP ionosphere experiments without more tangible proof.

The Arkansas bird killing incident was explained by people like Carol Meteyer, a veterinary pathologist for the National Wildlife Health Center, a division of the US Geological Service who said about the blackbirds, who were thought to have been disturbed by “a loud noise” while they were roosting:

“They fly disoriented and crash. Bird reactions are endemic. One bird reacts, and the others freak out. And on it goes. I wouldn’t say it happens all the time. I’ve been here  (at the Center) for 20 years. You see them occur once in 10 years, but they happen.”

James Donald and his production crew want to obtain more evidence that something unnatural, such as the HARRP project, may be causing these occurrences. Reading overviews about the HAARP project itself, on its posted website is not possible now as the site has apparently been removed.

When it was available, it did not give any clues about its involvement in events that include everything from earthquakes and volcanoes; including the recent 9 magnitude  earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan . The Project is also being linked to  severe hurricanes and typhoons, and even “washing machine thunderstorms that suck birds into them and then spit them out.”

The interview concluded with both of us agreeing to stay in touch with each other and report any new animal death phenomena that could be attributed to disturbances of the electromagnetic waves in the ionosphere.

Regarding any finger pointing in the direction of the HAARP projects, the jury is still out. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on ““Aflockalypse Now” Bird Deaths and HAARP Death Rays”

  1. Benny says:

    It’s serious enough for NG to be interested a doing a feature documentary on it.

    As it used to be written at the beginning of every X-Files TV series program: The Truth is Out There

  2. fh says:

    C’mon, Maurice, this is total non-sense. where is the LINK between the HAARP and those sudden animal death cases?
    you don’t know what HARRP is really doing.
    you don’t know what caused the death of animals (if!) in the different cases.
    you don’t know if there is a minimal link between them.
    you don’t have ANY evidence to connect those dots.
    nevertheless you make a weird, imaginary, connection. based on what?! rumors?! “You Tube” information?!

    please, Green Prophet IS a serious and positive site, don’t destroy it with conspiranoias.

    1. I think this post thread first started during April Fool’s and Maurice couldn’t help himself but write more. FH – we appreciate your feedback, and will try to be more serious in the future.

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