Jordan’s Tribes Criticize Enviro Queen Rania

queenrania jordanQueen Rania is the latest Middle Eastern elite to receive criticism from dissenting citizens.

Like their Yemeni compatriots currently marching towards the presidential palace in Samaa, taking their cue and courage from jubilant Egyptians, thirty-six tribal leaders submitted a collective criticism of Jordan’s Queen Rania, according to an AFP report. Of Palestinian origin and born in Kuwait, the Queen married then Prince Abdullah II in 1993. An international celebrity and Green Prophet favorite, she is well-known for her work to protect Jordan’s environment. But the tribes accuse her and her family of corruption and for leading an unfairly lavish lifestyle.

Criticism of Jordan’s Royal family usually comes with a three-year prison sentence, but defiance of such draconian policies is sweeping through the Middle East.

Most recently, Queen Rania has become the target of political dissension. Last September she threw a “colossal” “lavish” party in Wadi Rum to mark her 40th birthday, winning herself harsh criticism.

“They do not like the queen’s lifestyle and overexposure, especially on local political appointments,” human rights activist Labib Qamhawi told AFP.

Representing 40 percent of Jordan’s population, the statement urged the “trial of the corrupt who have looted the country and public funds, regardless of who they are and irrespective of their rank and importance,” according to AFP.

They compared Queen Rania to Ben Ali’s wife, and accuse her of boosting her own interests against the will of Jordanians and Hashemites.

Ominously, the group threatened an uprising similar to those which toppled both the oppressive Egyptian and Tunisian regimes over the last several weeks.

Washington Post readers are split over their opinion. Supporters claim that Queen Rania’s outspoken style and international acclaim are to cause for conservative criticism in a society where women are typically expected to defer to their male counterparts. Opponents call her the “King’s expensive wife.”

A country with few high-profile environmental voices, we will be keeping a close eye on whether Jordanians will take up the baton passed by Algerian, Egyptian, Tunisian and now Yemini protesters.

:: AFP
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9 thoughts on “Jordan’s Tribes Criticize Enviro Queen Rania”

  1. Queen Rania, and the monarchy for that matter in Jordan, is a British invention. Maybe it’s time to return the land to the tribes and let them manage it. I have a feeling though that Jordan would regress. My experience with Jordanian women is that those who have the means, are very advanced women of the 21st century. I don’t agree with Rania’s politics – as an act of peace, Israel asked if they could translate her childrens book to Hebrew (it’s about knowing the other), and she flatly refused. So she’s not a perfect hero, but is trying to bring Jordan up with the times. I personally have no issues with leaders using public money for parties, wardrobe and their lifestyle. The “job” demands it.

  2. Loyal Jordanian says:

    If they were not like them dear they will not be silent, We are asking for the whole system of corruption to stop from ALL origins, no matter where the corrupted are from originally.
    my mother is from the other side dear so I am not poking the queen for that reason, Please STOP that way of thinking.
    CORRUPTION is our enemy not Rania or anyone else. BUT she is an obvious example.

  3. Jane says:

    There is corruption beyond her, there is there corruption of many heads and sons of these tribes or are you just poking her for the wrong reasons?
    Corruption of jamarek? Corruption in ministries and public posts? Mawared? Casino? Certain clan smuggling and drug and money laundering? The certain rights of shorafa and their businesses?
    Who are we kidding here ?
    I hope this attack is not because of her origins or because of these tribes fears of their lost paradise in king hussien time “ 6a3mi ethom testa7i el 3ein”…..

  4. Loyal Jordanian says:

    Dear Jane,
    We are giving samples of the corruption of the Monarch that is only taking our people down and do not care about anyone else but themselves. we are calling of all this lavish lifestyle to stop because it is on our expense.
    They are all the same we are sure BUT she is SOOOOOOOOOO much to stand.

  5. Jane says:

    Dear Loyal Jordanian,

    Are you familiar with w well known arab proverb ” el faras men al fares” ?

    how about queen noor shopping sprees?

  6. Loyal Jordanian says:

    I am a woman and I ave a high degree and successful, Jordanian women are very intelligent and well educated. so please do not spread wrong information about Jordan, the Queen is not a strange example in Jordan, our women are active and participants in the building of the country but it is people like her who ONLY allow her relatives and friends to get the high level positions and gain wealth with no right.

    Our queen come to US almost once a month and sometimes 3 times in one month, you can image how much her trip would cost Jordan specially that she bring many people with her, specially here friends. I am 100% sure that her trips do not cost less than 100k each.
    I remember when Mrs. Obama went on vacation somewhere in Europe, Entire US was talking about how could she do that when all American people suffer this tough economy, and then she told everybody that she is doing it using her own private money that she get form her own job not US citizen money.

  7. Loyal Jordanian says:

    I just want to mention also that Jordan established a Green building council last year and it came after years of work from loyal Jordanians, who dedicate and volunteered their time, efforts, money and experience with no support from Queen Rania, so please do not try to spread the idea that everything good we do should be done with her vision. We are will educated and loyal to our country not like her who just want to spend from our money to look as a fashion model and a 100% pure hearted person to the west.

  8. Loyal Jordanian says:

    The Jordanian monarchy has a lot to answer to.
    How is it that the king and queen, of a country with no resources, can afford the extravagant lifestyle they are accustomed to nowadays? How is it even comprehensible or even ethical? Cars, property, holidays and dresses costing more than the average national wage in Jordan!

    They trot the globe reaping aid to afford the king’s brutality and the queen’s wardrobe.

  9. Moe says:

    3 years im prison if someone disagrees with the royal family??? Why are we friends with the Jordanian gov’t?????

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