Dubai Gets Frozen Air From Europe

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Sustainable air conditioning made locally from the heat of the sun is perfect for Dubai.

Three European sustainable energy innovators show how an innovative combination of three technologies can make a sustainable low carbon way to cool buildings in Dubai. The three technologies – solar heated water – supplying a chiller based air conditioner – running cooled water through radiant concrete flooring – add up to climate-friendly cooling.

The Swedish-led HVAC company DEW-Kylsystem based in Dubai is installing the combination of technologies on a building for a 50% reduction in energy use.

The solar hot water heater units on the roof are made by Kingspan – the pioneering Irish firm that invented the first evacuated tube system: the Thermomax.

The chiller-style air conditioning is from¬†ClimateWell – the Spanish innovator that has won awards for its integration of thermal energy storage. This makes their solar-powered air conditioning 24/7 – needed in Dubai! It’s patented a unique proprietary Triple-State absorption technology that integrates energy storage.

Its chillers are designed to be charged with thermal energy when its created on hot sunny days, but can be tapped when needed, day or night.The capacity to store thermal energy is key to deliver a consistently comfortable indoor climate using both heating and cooling as needed, despite a fluctuating energy input, such as solar heat.

Put these two technologies together and pack it into a hollow core concrete slab construction method – the ClimateDeck, as DEW-Kylsystem has done, and you have solar air cooling that uses half the energy of regular A/C. DEW provides the expertise in integrating different products to deliver the installation and commissioning of the complete system as a well-designed whole.

Their building for ESAB, the Dubai welding construction company, in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, integrating the three technologies in a demonstration, has won one of the first LEED Platinum ratings in Dubai.

The low energy use would be of interest to Dubai building owners looking to be environmentally responsible, but also to simply those wishing to save their businesses from the now alarming rates that have skyrocketed. (Dubai Utility Doubles Business Electricity Rates in Three Years.)

But why look so far afield for solar air conditioning innovation? There’s local companies innovating in this field too!


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