“Spy Vulture” Cleared Of Espionage Charges

tagged-israeli-vultureThe vulture (which may actually be a bald eagle) captured in rural Saudi Arabia will be released.

Following widespread (and embarrassing) news coverage, the vulture captured in Saudi Arabia and reportedly “arrested” on charges of espionage will be released. Israelis told Sky News that associating the migrating vulture with Mossad – one of Israel’s intelligence agencies – was a product of an “overactive imagination.”

Emirates 24/7 meanwhile quotes Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud, who acknowledged that the GPS bracelet fitted to what is actually a bald eagle is legitimate, and not “Israeli spy systems arsenal.” He accused local media of sensationalizing the story without checking the facts.

This story received additional attention on the heels of accusations late last year that Mossad had planted rogue sharks in the Red Sea off Sinai, which proceeded to wreck havoc on Egypt’s tourism after a spate of attacks. One woman was killed by an oceanic white tip shark.

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image via dobac

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