Israel Cleantech Intelligence: BrightSource Energy and 9 More Headlines

Barack Obama praises BrightSource Energy

A new clean tech center in Israel’s south, Israeli-Palestinian collaboration on clean water, investment trends and more headlines related to Israeli cleantech and the environment.

Construction on a proposed wind farm in the Golan Heights is set to begin soon. BrightSource Energy received an unexpected shout out from US President Barack Obama and SolarEdge raised $25 million. For these stories and more, see this week’s headlines below.

Obama Touts Israeli-Developed Solar Company BrightSource

New dye solar cell structures deliver sought-after stability

Tigo Energy and Suntech Collaborate to Develop Smart Panel Technology for Photovoltaic Solar Installations

New Eilat-Eilot Clean Tech Center May Boost Solar And Wind Energy Projects

Global Investment Plummet Hits Israeli Cleantech Companies… Except BrightSource and Ormat

Green-Tech Investment Plummets

Golan Heights wind farm construction to begin soon

In Israel
Israeli-Palestinian team to develop clean water solutions

“72 Hour Urban Action” Takes Over Bat Yam, Israel

‘Smart’ bus stop signs to say when the bus is due

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