Tigo Energy and 8 Israel-related Cleantech Headlines, Week of August 9, 2009


During the week of August 9, 2009, talk continued about plans to revive the ailing Dead Sea. Tigo Energy became a finalist  for two R&D grants from the US Department of Energy and a conceptual plan for a Globe Ecological Hub in Modiin was recently proposed. For these stories and more, check below for this week’s 8 Israel-related cleantech headlines.

1. Tigo Energy finalist in two US gov’t tenders

Electric Car
2. Shai Agassi, Israel’s Homegrown Electric Car Pioneer: On the Road to Oil Independence

Fuel-efficient Cars
3. Firing up his engine between hot and cold

Dead Sea
4. Plans to revive the Dead Sea

5. Global Warming Effects in India Hit Jordan and Israel’s Dead Sea Potash

Inside Israel
6. Globe Ecological Hub Recently Proposed for Israeli City of Modiin

7. Pioneering Israeli environmentalist, former MK Yosef Tamir, dies at 94

8. Your Taxes: Privileged-enterprise tax breaks for renewable-energy projects

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