Israel's Social Economic Academy to Lead Food Politics Course this Fall

food politics israelThe Social Economic Academy, a non profit organization aimed at promoting social and economic change in Israel that opens its courses to the entire general public, will be leading a course on food politics this fall – starting in September.

The name of the course is What Are We Nourished By? and will be held at Kibbutz Revadim in south-central Israel.

The course will not be taught by a single lecturer, and will rather be taught by a variety of people with different perspectives on food – ranging from chefs, to environmentalists, to farmers, to devout vegetarians.  All of the lecturers are participating in the course on a volunteer basis.  Each class will present a new issue and be lead by a different lecturer.

Check out the course syllabus:

The Politics of Food, Ami Atinger (Heschel Center) – 9.2.09

The Ecological Footprint of the Food Industry, Eran Ben Yamini (CEO of the Green Movement) – 9.9.09

Green Wash – The Green Scam, Limor Aloof (Chairman of Ecological Thinking) – 9.16.09

Who Bought Uncle Moshe’s Farm? The Industrialized Livestock Farm, Yossi Wolfson (Director of the Vegetarian Community Center in Jerusalem) – 9.23.09

Waste = Food, Yair Engel (CEO of Sustainable) – 9.30.09

Closing the Loop of Food and Waste, Yariv Spektor (Environmental Consultant, Biodegradable Substances Expert) – 10.7.09

Marketing and Advertising – How are We Sold To? Rohan Shnir (Former advertiser) – 10.14.09

The International Food Market and the Slow Food Movement, Ayal Bloch (Institute for Sustainability Education at David Yalin College) – 10.21.09

Democracy in a Plate, Avi Dabush (Environment and Community Project Director at Shatil) – 10.28.09

Fair Trade, Avi Levy (CEO of Green Movement), 11.4.09

Organic Farming, Panel of Farmers: Alik Felman (Community Organic Farm) and Gadi Moses (Organic Farming Counselor at the Agriculture Department) – 11.11.09

Cooking in the Spirit of Anthroposophy, Yotka Hershtein (Chef at Harduf Restaurant) – 11.18.09

For more information on the course contact Adi Dori ([email protected]) or Lilach Yefet ([email protected])

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