Ecological Housing Coming Soon to Tel Aviv!

ecological village manchester green photo

The Green Building in Manchester’s Macintosh Village.  An Israeli version, coming soon?

Last month, the Tel Aviv municipality implemented some creative solutions to help solve Israel’s ongoing water crisis.  It appears they are not stopping there in their efforts to green the City That Never Stops.

Soon, construction will begin on Tel Aviv’s first ecological housing project!

The building will be on Akiva Eger Street, near the central bus station, and “will include smart lighting systems, recycled use of grey water (water generated from laundry and bathing) for irrigation or cooling, [and] charging stations for electric motor scooters.”

Since this project is part of the municipality’s plan to renew areas in the southern part of the city, builders receive rights more generous than those in the central and northern part of the city, and they are also permitted to build smaller apartments.  The affordable price and small size of these homes are expected to attract young people and investors.

(As if the coolness of living in an eco-friendly apartment wasn’t incentive enough.  Where can I sign up?!)

:: Ynetnews

Image: Terry Wha

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2 thoughts on “Ecological Housing Coming Soon to Tel Aviv!”

  1. Nice idea. The article also mentions that the “compound” will be built in the Central Bus Area of Tel Aviv, the seediest area in Tel Aviv, and one of the seediest in Israel. I think it’s going to take a bit more than recycling my grey water and a scooter recharge station to get me to live there…

    They say it will Tel Aviv’s SoHo. Ha, wishful thinking, but nice marketing strategy.

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