Who Knew It Was "The Week of Love for Nature, Water and the Environment" In Israel?


The 2009 Week of Love for Nature, Water and the Environment (in short: the week of peace, love and dupey du) took place this week in Israel. It was the seventh year running from March 13 – 21, 2009, according to the Israeli Ministry of Environment.

The annual event, organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Nature and Parks Authority, Israel Water Authority and Ministry of Education, is meant to raise public awareness of nature, heritage, environmental and water protection, so that future generations will also be able to enjoy natural and heritage treasures and will take steps to protect them.

Events during the week include ceremonies, happenings, tours and activities targeted at a wide range of audiences, from decision makers and heads of local authorities to students and the general public. The aim of the week in 2009: to increase public awareness of nature, water and the environment, in general, and of the protection of wildlife and their environment, in particular, says the Ministry.

Special events will (and have already) taken place in nature reserves, national parks and heritage sites, especially on weekends throughout the country – from north to south.

Events promise something for everyone, whether guided tours in nature and heritage sites, marches in the Arbel Nature Reserve and National Park in the north, puppet shows and musical performances, a Salamander Day in the Tel Dan Nature Reserve, a fascinating look at the restoration of biblical animals at Hai Bar Carmel and Hai Bar Yotvata, a drawing workshop along the banks of the Yarkon River, and even karaoke for children in the Beit Guvrin National Park. (Now that is the longest sentence Green Prophet has ever copied and pasted from the Ministry’s website).

We’ve missed out on most of the events. For detailed information on organized tours in Hebrew see the Nature and Parks Authority website, or by clicking here.

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