Sustainable Architecture Conference in Libya is Looking for Participants

green architectureHere at Green Prophet we’ve covered a variety of conferences, with the most recent being a seminar in Jerusalem about architecture (coming up on January 25th).  We have yet to cover a conference (let alone an environmental conference) in Libya, though, which is why we were so happy to learn about a call for papers from a sustainable architecture conference there.

The conference, “Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development“, will take place in November 2009 and is being jointly organized by the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Al-Fateh University in Libya (where the conference will also take place) and by the Center for the Study of Architecture in the Arab Region in Jordan.

The organizers of the conference are now calling for papers from anyone who may be interested in presenting at the conference.

In the words of the conference organizers:

“[The conference] aims to provide a forum to examine and discuss solution-oriented methods for implementing sustainable development and urbanism, and to stimulate more ideas and useful insights regarding architecture and urban development within the context of sustainability.  The conference welcomes papers that address issues related to sustainability in urban development and planning in the Middle East and elsewhere.”

The topics of the conference will include: sustainability theory, ecological and social sustainability, parameters of sustainable urbanism, sustainability evaluation systems, green construction, low energy architecture, eco-tourism, sustainable transportation, and international standards on sustainability among many other issues.

Judging from the members of the various conference committees – who come from a variety of countries including Italy, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Brazil – this conference will be truly international.

Wanna rub shoulders with sustainable Middle Eastern architects or know somebody who does?  The deadline for abstracts is February 15th.

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5 thoughts on “Sustainable Architecture Conference in Libya is Looking for Participants”

  1. shaileshrathore says:

    its an awesome as well as inspiring work…

  2. mosses says:

    hmm, interesting


    I hereby interested in be partaker of this confrence with my two youngest staff who are here with me in caior, i here appealy to your respectable organisation to please help us by sending us an invitasion letter to us,to be able to get an opportunity in having the visa for the upcoming conference

  4. Jonathan says:

    Unfortunately, anyone interested in this conference should be aware that passports showing previous travel to Israel are not accepted for travel to Libya.

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