It is customary on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashana, this past Tuesday and Wednesday) to have apples with honey to bring a sweet new year. In honor of this custom I would like to list several benefits of this wonderous sweetener. Being green is about being healthy to the world around you, as well as to yourself. Aside from the extra calories, honey beats sugar, from a health standpoint, hands down.

Honey is not refined like sugar is, and so it contains a more complex array of nutrients that you can not only taste (the “honey” taste) but is better for you. Honey also has healing properties to it which is why it’s used in cough syrups and Chinese remedies. I have a friend that used honey on his hands when they got over-chapped and could not find hand lotion. And when I gave tours regularly I had a spoonful every day to keep away the sore throats.

In honor of the Jewish New Year a sweet new year have a spoonful and enjoy a sweet and healthy new year!

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