Slow Food Farmers Market Comes to Tel Aviv


With the Shavuot holiday coming up next week, harvest and cheeses (okay, mostly cheeses) are on everyone’s mind.  Shavuot is related to ancient grain harvest customs in Israel, making it one of the more significant agricultural holidays in Judaism.

And agriculture has a big effect on the environment.

Non-organic agricultural practices, such as using pesticides and insecticides, have terrible effects both on the people eating the produce and on the environment.  Pesticides can effect human health in a variety of ways, ranging from skin and eye irritations to cancer.  Pesticides also effect the environment by polluting our soil and waterways.

farmers market tel avivIn a celebration of the Shavuot harvest and organic farming practices, a weekly organic farmer’s market will be opening up this Friday at the Tel Aviv Port (across from Hangar 11).  The market, sponsored by the Slow Food organization, will bring together the best farmers, cheese producers, bakers, and beer brewers from all over the country to sell their products themselves.  This is a unique opportunity to meet the people responsible for making your food, learn how it was made, and enjoy the sun on a Mediterranean boardwalk.

Special species of fruits and vegetables will be offered for sale, which are usually reserved for export.  You will also be able to find the finest cheeses, breads, products, and fresh artisan beer.

Tel Aviv Farmer’s Market, Tel Aviv Port:: Open every Friday starting from 30/5 at 08:00 until sundown

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