Hybrid Cab Fleet Taking Over Tel Aviv?


In a bid to cut down on pollution (and greenhouse gases we hope), the Tel Aviv Municipality is conducting a feasibility study on the use of hybrid taxi cabs in the overly congested and polluted city. We say go one step further – turn Tel Aviv into a car-free zone.

The approval is expected to go through in a couple of months and if accepted, could mean Tel Aviv’s fleet of about 5,000 cabs and their drivers will be lured to switch over to the “greener” option with tax incentives.

Other steps planned include banning diesel fueled vehicles from entering the city and increasing more options for cyclists.

Sounds hunky dory, but a bit contradictory. Last we checked the taxi fleet is all powered by diesel – the drivers can afford Mercedes cabs due to incredible tax breaks (normally Israelis pay about 90% vehicular tax). So if they all switch over to hybrid, what’s going to happen to all the old cabs?

Is this part of the Shai Agassi conspiracy? 😉

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2 thoughts on “Hybrid Cab Fleet Taking Over Tel Aviv?”

  1. Tako says:

    “.. what’s going to happen to all the old cabs? ”
    Anything with a Mercedes logo can be sold in Taiwan for ridiculous price.

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