Upycled cinema chair by Guy Arzi

upcycled cinema seat

Guy Artzi’s Rocky Chair

Rocking chairs seem to be making a comeback these days. They are great for breastfeeding, great for reading. Great for hanging around in a forest. We featured Yael Mer’s simple and stylin’ Slipper Rocker, slippers and a rocking chair rolled into one.

Today we bring you the recycled creations of Guy Arzi and his Rocky Chair.

We wonder what movie might have inspired him? The recycled seats from an old cinema in Israel give you all the more reason to stay at home and rock to your favorite cops and robbers flick. Or to see Cinema Paradiso, over and over again.

Arzi is a graduate of Nottingham Trent University in the UK and now with a headquarters in Derbyshire, UK, Arzi is working in interior design and taking discarded items and bringing them back to life.

guy arzi chair

It’s vintage chic coupled with a modern aesthetic sensibility.

Guy writes: “Our aim is to push the boundaries of design by mixing old with new in a unique way. We see our designs as pieces of art, as a result most of our work is commission based and no two projects/product are the same.

“We choose to alter and work with distinctly old designs – the outcome is familiar with a contemporary twist. This approach applies as much to our interior design service as to our product design.”

We like these stylish chairs that have eco-appeal and a not so palatable price-tag of £1,499.99 at stores in the UK.

Who said being eco-chic comes cheap? On the other hand, you can take inspiration from this and try your hand at upcycling and repurposing some old furniture in your neighborhood.

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5 thoughts on “Upycled cinema chair by Guy Arzi”

  1. Interesting concept but not sure it works from a style point of view, never mind the price!!!

  2. Avi says:

    shiny idea……. ridicules pricing 🙂

  3. eva says:

    cool idea. just not so into the colors, though. (yeah, i know that could be changed) looks really comfy and fun.

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