Guy Arzi’s Rockin’ Chair: Israeli Design


Rocking chairs seem to be making a comeback these days. We featured Yael Mer’s simple and stylin’ Slipper Rocker, slippers and a rocking chair rolled into one.Today we bring you the recycled creations of Guy Arzi and his “Rocky Chair.” We wonder what movie might have inspired him? The recycled seats from a cinema give you all the more reason to stay at home and rock to your favorite cops and robbers flick. Arzi is a graduate of Nottingham Trent University in the UK and now with a headquarters in Derbyshire, UK, Arzi is working in interior design and taking discarded items and bringing them back to life.It’s “vintage chic coupled with a modern aesthetic sensibility,” writes Inhabitat.thumb_rockychair1.jpgGuy writes: “Our aim is to push the boundaries of design by mixing old with new in a unique way. We see our designs as pieces of art, as a result most of our work is commission based and no two projects/product are the same.”We choose to alter and work with distinctly old designs – the outcome is familiar with a contemporary twist. This approach applies as much to our interior design service as to our product design.”

We like these stylish chairs that have eco-appeal and a not so palatable price-tag of £1,499.99 from Nigel’s Ecostore. Who said being eco-chic comes cheap?Oh and if you happen to have an extra pair of antlers around the house, you could give your hand at copying Guy’s hat stand.thumb_antlershatstand.jpg

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5 thoughts on “Guy Arzi’s Rockin’ Chair: Israeli Design”

  1. Interesting concept but not sure it works from a style point of view, never mind the price!!!

  2. Avi says:

    shiny idea……. ridicules pricing 🙂

  3. eva says:

    cool idea. just not so into the colors, though. (yeah, i know that could be changed) looks really comfy and fun.

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