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270_porter-school-green-prophet.jpgThe Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University is looking for a few good green men and women. Think you have what it takes to become a fellow? The school is seeking fellowship candidates for a potential faculty position.

The fine folks at Porter have sent us a note that they are advertising spaces to fill for up to three temporary positions. After one or two years, the position may lead to a tenure track position at TAU. Jump over to the next page if you have a PhD and need more deets. Otherwise, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Porter School seeks:

• post-doc fellows

• faculty who will be appointed as visiting faculty at a rank which is appropriate to their academic record (visiting lecturer, visiting senior lecturer or visiting professor).
The positions are open to a broad range of specialties within environmental studies.

? Applicants for a post-doc fellowship are requested to attach a letter of support from a host faculty member and the head of the relevant academic unit.

? Applicants for a visiting faculty position are required to attach a letter of support from the respective Dean.

Requirements for the position

• For post-doc fellows: a Ph.D. degree awarded within the last 5 years (including cases where a Ph.D. thesis has been submitted, on the condition that it is approved before the position is taken up).

• For visiting faculty: a Ph.D. degree with an appropriate record of academic achievements.

• Proven experience of academic research.

• A commitment to conduct research in an environmental field.

Evaluation procedure
Applications will be evaluated and graded by a committee based on: academic merit, research experience, research interests in line with the mission of the School, availability of resources and compliance with Tel Aviv University policy.

Application procedure
Applications should include a full CV, a list of publications, names of at least 3 university professors which can be used as referees and a one page cover letter describing the candidate’s record and specific research plans in environmental studies.

Applications should be sent by mail to:

Prof. Yehuda Benayahu
Head, the Porter School of Environmental Studies
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv
Israel 69978

Please direct any queries by email to: [email protected]

Deadline for applications: 2 March 2008
Successful candidates will be notified by May 2008.
The above Porter Fellowships will be available from 1 October 2008.

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