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Look at My work, how beautiful and perfect is everything that I created. I created it for you. Be careful not to ruin and destroy My world. If you ruin it, there is nobody to restore it after you…” (Ecclesiastes Rabba 7:28)

Those timely words written back somewhere between the sixth and eighth centuries pretty much sums up the basic party line for ecologists everywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Eco – Thought for the Day”

  1. Bob Gilfoy says:

    Beautiful picture and sentiment,ecclesiastes 7:28 reads “Which my soul still seeks but i cannot find:One man amoung a thousand I have found,but a woman amoung all these i have not found.”7:29 reads “Truly,this only have i found:that God made man upright,but they have sought out many scemes” Please get scriptures acurate,as yes,the world needs to be protected and saved but the Truth will go a long way in doing so.thanks.

    1. There are a number of translations of the Holy Bible.

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