2007 Report: The Beach is Back!


Citizens and tourists rejoice: the Clean Coast Project of 2007 has ensured that we can hit those beaches in 2008. At least that’s according to the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, which reports that 80% of Israel’s beaches have been declared clean, with a mere 2% getting the dreaded rating of “dirty.”

This is is a massive jump from the start of the Clean Coast Project in 2005, when a whopping 27% of Israel’s beaches were declared clean.

Ronen Alkalay, coordinator of the Clean Coast Project in the Ministry of Environmental Protection says,”The integration of coastal cleanups by local authorities, assisted by a northeasterly wind, which cleaned the coasts and resulted in a calm sea emitting very little waste, along with the small number of visitors to the beaches, combined to bring about this favorable result – a clean coast.”

But it gets better, as Alkalay adds, “…More members of the public demand that local authorities provide them with clean beaches, and fewer members of the public litter.”

Slow down and marvel at this: Fewer members of the public litter.   The idea that Israeli culture is finally absorbing the idea that litter is bad…it’s almost too much. We might need to lie down with a soothing cup of tea (green, of course!).

But first here are the stats:

Avoid the Palmachim National Park beach, which scored “dirty.”

“Moderate” (i.e.,  almost dirty) beaches include: Shiqmona and Dado Beaches in Haifa, Tirat Hacarmel Beach, Atlit Beach in the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council, Divers Beach in the Palmachim National Park, Gan Raveh Beach in Palmachim, Ashkelon National Park Beach, North Ashkelon Beach, and South Zikim Beach.

That still leaves plenty of places, so get out your sunscreen and enjoy.  And don’t litter. Thank you.

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One thought on “2007 Report: The Beach is Back!”

  1. Eva Jonsson says:

    Att: Ilana
    Are you aware that palmachim beach is being bulldozed for building as we speak ?? I would like to know more about it being a national park.
    Maybe that could help in stoping this madness !

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