Good Energy Initiative Shrinks Carbon Footprint of the Holy Land

footprint-carbon-israel-green-prophet.jpgThere is a lot of talk these days about carbon footprints. And there is much debate over how people can reduce theirs.

A carbon footprint is essentially the amount of CO2 a person leaves behind as a result of personal transportation (cars and plane), heating their homes and even putting food on their tables.

That’s why a lot of green advocates talk about eating locally in order to reduce the pollution caused by transporting your food; and some advocate carbon offsetting.

And while the whole notion of carbon offsetting is highly controversial, most would agree that global warming is man-made and caused by carbon dioxide emissions.

In an effect to help one reduce their carbon footprint (or at least comprehend one’s impact on the earth), the Israeli NGO Adam Teva Va’din (“Man Nature and Law”), made a website (in Hebrew) to help you calculate your personal emissions and also to teach your Israeli friends who speak Hebrew on what carbon footprints are all about.

If you’re interested in offsetting those emissions, check out the Good Energy Initiative NGO and the great projects they are funding. Offsetting is voluntary, but it might be a great thing to do with your tsdaka money this year.::Act Cool ::Good Energy Initiative

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