All New Mosques In Qatar Will Be Eco-Mosques


Qatar is currently in the process of issuing new guidelines which mean that all new mosques built in the country will be more environmentally friendly From its humble beginnings during the time of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to modern incarnations, such as those futuristic designs envisaged for the green mosque of Cambridge, the Eco-Mosque has […]

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Amazing Water Capsule Makes Escaping Global Flooding a Dream


If you are a victim of global flooding, how do you want to float out? If there’s going to be a global flood of epic proportions, we may as well approach it with imagination and style. That’s the thinking behind this crazy Water Capsule designed by Jay Stoughstenger. With global temperatures gradually increasing, there has […]

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Jews, Muslims, Christians in Israel Unite for Planet Earth


Providing teaching material to unite Holy Land faiths. They’re doing in person and specifically in Israel what Green Prophet has been doing for the last four years: showing a faith based and cultural context in environmental action. Launched last year, meet the Jerusalem-based Interfaith Center working on issues like climate change. Shema Yisrael is a […]

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Fermented Foods Can Heal Your Gut


How can you tell if a food is probiotic and good for your guts? Ruth gives a general guide. You may know all about the ecosystem of a pond or a woodland, but have you stopped to think about the ecosystem of your own gut? Sandor Katz did and wrote a whole book on fermented […]

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Tel Aviv University Invents 40-Times Better Electricity Transmission


Researchers at Tel Aviv University have just developed the next generation of superconductors, that have the potential to revolutionize energy transfer, carrying about 40 times more electricity than today’s copper wire, in a move that changes the financials of electricity costs completely. According to Eureka Alert, Dr. Boaz Almog and Mishael Azoulay working under Professor Guy Deutscher […]

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Protests Over Shrinking Salt Lake Continue In Iran


Iran saw more protests and demonstrations this weekend as green activists call for the protection of the UNESCO-listed salt lake Orumieh Undeterred by the repressive reaction of the Iranian government- who beat up and violently dispersed environmental protestors a week ago– campaigners gathered again in their thousands this Saturday to call for the protection of […]

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Breastfeeding Moms More Agressive than Those Who Use Bottles


Breast feeding moms have lower blood pressure and behave more aggressively compared to women who are bottle-feeding their children, suggesting that breast-feeding dampens the body’s typical stress response to fear, new research suggests. Women who breast-feed are far more likely to demonstrate a “mama bear” effect — aggressively protecting their infants and themselves — than […]

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Ridiculously Simple Technology Can Save Millions from Arsenic Poisoning


Zam Zam holy water in Mecca is contaminated with arsenic, but researchers in the US have discovered a ridiculously simple technology that can render contaminated water safe to drink. Millions of people in the developing world are frequently hapless victims of arsenic poisoning. This is not because they have angry spouses, but because arsenic is […]

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Jerusalem Boy’s School Makes Electricity On Roof


A vocational yeshiva in Jerusalem meets a third of its own energy needs. The Jerusalem Post reports that the Boy’s Town  rooftop solar panels have been generating 40 kilowatts per hour since July. Boy’s Town is a vocational yeshiva in Jerusalem for students with socioeconomic challenges. The electricity generated on the school’s rooftop is sold […]

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Post-Revolution Development in Egypt Destroys Popular Red Sea Dive Spot


The revolution in Egypt has left a power vacuum that is allowing unchecked development to take over a once thriving, quiet dive spot. Apart from the Egyptian revolution itself, a powerful culmination of civil disobedience that roused thousands of somnambulant citizens from decades of political apathy, it’s still hard to see in what way this […]

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RECIPE: Late-Summer Pickled Peppers


Preserve plenty peppers to produce a plethora of piquant pickles. The late-summer peppers are excellent right now, firm-fleshed and plump, with smooth skins and that robust flavor that marries so well with vinegar.  Why not pickle some of them? Lemon season is just starting too, so try our recipe for preserved lemons while you’re in […]

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