The inner workings of hydration IV and how it can help you during the flu season

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IV hydration is marketed on sites like Goop and the practice is known as a quick hangover treatment, but now clinics are marketing a range of indications, from migraines and altitude sickness to skin health to IV nutrition to infusions of anti-aging molecules

The winter season often comes with an uninvited guest: influenza. As the flu season unfolds yet again, you must have the toolkit to fight the symptoms before you’re down for the count. Aside from getting flu shots, you can also try Hydration IV as part of your regimen. 

In this post, you’ll learn more about how Hydration IV treatment works, its benefits, and how it can help you bounce back from the dreaded flu. 

How does Hydration IV work?

Hydration IV, first practiced by a physician named John Meyers is now widely used in hospitals to supply fluids to patients’ bodies. It’s a very effective form of hydration since the fluids go straight to the bloodstream. This means that the person can receive hydration even if he’s too weak to drink or is unconscious. It’s common in hot, desert countries like in the Middle East or Western United States, where people may be prone to drying out. 

But over the last 20 years hydration IV has been used for health purposes and can be formulated with vitamins and minerals. This depends on the person’s needs and health goals. Once you needed to go to the hospital for hydration therapy. Nowadays many concierge services deliver the treatment to your location, with a nurse, for convenience. 

How Hydration IV helps during the flu season

No matter how healthy you feel, you’re not invincible to the flu. The cold temperature of winter will weaken your immune system and make you prone to infections. And if you’re spending a lot of time with other people, your chance of contracting the flu is high. 

The good news is you don’t have to suffer from the symptoms for a whole week. Hydration IV can speed up your recovery and potentially make the symptoms less intense. 

Here’s how Hydration IV helps you fight flu symptoms fast and efficiently:

It keeps you hydrated.

It’s easy to become dehydrated when you’re sick. And if you are dehydrated, your condition will worsen, and recovery will be slower. 

This can be easily prevented by getting Hydration IV. You’ll receive your much-needed fluids without having to chug glasses of water all day. 

It boosts your immune system

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The nutrition of fruit delivered right to the veins

Aside from fluids, Hydration IV can be formulated with added vitamins and minerals. This will help strengthen your immune system to fight the flu virus. 

By supplying your body with natural nutrients, you’ll experience faster recovery and milder symptoms. 

Also, Hydration IV treatments are infused with electrolytes to restore the balance in your body. 

It reduces the risk of hospitalization.

While IV therapy isn’t a cure, it can still reduce your risk of hospitalization due to the flu. It’s possible by keeping your body hydrated and nourished while you recover. 

Aside from Hydration IV, you should also take the necessary medications to combat the illness. 

It prevents further stomach upset.

The flu can make you highly nauseous, and drinking lots of fluids can worsen it. Hydration IV eliminates this problem by delivering the fluids intravenously. 

Aside from preventing tummy troubles, IV therapy will ensure a high absorption rate compared to oral solutions. 

You can get it while you rest.

You can receive a Hydration IV treatment while you sleep and rest. There’s no need for you to get up and overexert your body. 

A licensed nurse will administer the IV drip while you relax. You’ll have peace of mind, and you’ll be refreshed once you wake up. 

Fight the flu with Hydration IV

Don’t let the flu or Covid symptoms take you down without a fight. Instead of surrendering yourself to the symptoms, you can speed up recovery through Hydration IV. 

Book your Hydration IV today to recover from the flu or boost your immunity even before you get infected. 

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