What Are the Benefits of CBD Edibles?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural health supplement that can benefit your health in a number of ways. It may relieve pain and information, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your quality of sleep, and may help supplement other treatments and medication for a variety of health conditions. 

One of the most popular kinds of CBD products you will find are edibles. You’ll often find chocolates and gummies and other D8 edibles at most retailers, manufacturers, and dispensaries. There are a few important reasons for why it is so popular over other kinds of products such CBD oil, vapes, or topicals. Here are the three main reasons why.

#1) Long-Lasting Effects

One of the main benefits of CBD edibles is that they have a slower-release, but their effects last longer. That means the CBD kicks in so you feel the effects slower than other methods, as they are slowly digested. This means that the CBD chemicals within the food are released slower, and enter your system at a more constant but gradual rate. However, it also means the benefits of CBD will last longer than other methods.

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How long it lasts depends on your personal tolerance for CBD, as well as the quality and potency of CBD. On average, when you take edibles, the effects can last for eight to 10 hours. Taking CBD oil drops or vaping CBD usually only lasts four to six hours, making edibles better suited for longer lasting effects as opposed to quick relief.

#2) Tasty and Versatile

The other benefit of taking edibles is that they are very versatile. Not everyone will like the taste of natural CBD oil, which can be very earthy and a little bitter. Not everyone will like smoking joints or vaping CBD oil, either due to the cost or just not enjoying the activity.

You can infuse CBD into almost any food imaginable. It just needs some kind of oil or fat. Candy, gummies and chocolate are the most common types of edibles you will find, but you can also infuse CBD into baked goods, chips, cheese, or salad dressing. 

#3) Health Benefits

In addition to the common benefits you receive from CBD, your serotonin production may be enhanced since serotonin is largely produced in your stomach. Consuming a CBD edible may have a more powerful effect on things like your mood, sleep quality, and reducing nausea as opposed to smoking or vaping it. 

If you want to try CBD for the first time, starting with edibles is a good idea. You can pick a food you enjoy with CBD infused into it to test how much it can help with your specific or general health issues. Starting with gummies or individual pieces of candy is best, since you can more easily control the dose you take. 

One note of caution is to consult with your doctor about trying any CBD if you are on medications. While CBD has minimal to no side effects, it can have a bad reaction with some prescriptions.

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