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Want to get a job in the environmental field? Get your English up to speed

So if you are like most people in the world who speak English – it’s your second language. But what if you need certification to work as a tour guide or study to get your master’s degree in ocean ecology or to get hired as an engineer at the best electric car company in the world? What if you need to ace that test? The majority of IELTS test-takers believe it’s almost impossible to get the band score 9 on the “English as a second language test” based on some false assumptions that only native speakers are the one who can reach this level. In fact, you would be surprised to know that even native speakers like me may even do poorly in some areas like grammar which I never studied formally. But we say it’s completely normal and we are going to show you how to get 9 score in IELTS by following some simple tips.

IELTS listening tips

The listening test needs practice and listening to as many dialogues as you can, because with time you develop and strengthen your ability to comprehend faster therefore answering properly in addition to the fact that the recordings in an IELTS test are either by British or Australian accents depending on the center you’re taking the test in. So there you go, one additional reason for you to listen to more sample recordings so that you’re familiar with the language and tone of the speaker. Also you need to keep in mind that you’ll get a chance to listen to the audio module only once, so you have to clear your mind and listen carefully to the audio.

 When you’re answering the questions it’s preferable to use a pencil to avoid any spelling mistakes because you might answer the question right but have spelled it wrong which might make you lose points in the test. You can get one more step closer to get 9 score in an IELTS by investing an extra 10 minutes at the end of the test in case you’ve missed any answers.

IELTS reading tips

To get a 9 score in IELTS you need to develop an important skill in the reading test which is skimming and scanning and by doing that you will easily grasp the general idea of the given passage. Skimming and scanning doesn’t necessarily mean to fully understand the passage rather than developing a sense of what the topic is about which will make it a lot easier for you to connect the dots and answer the questions efficiently and fast.

 You’re not supposed to take more than 3 minutes in scanning the passage and it’s recommended that you highlight or underline the keywords you think are important. Acing the reading test requires you to answer fast because there’s a time limit and that wouldn’t be an issue if you skimmed the passage efficiently and were able to locate the answers of the questions carefully.

Pay attention to grammar when you’re answering a summary question as might answer correctly but get a wrong answer due to a grammatical error so definitely practicing your grammar is a key point for getting a 9 score IELTS in reading.

IELTS writing tips

You need to make sure of one thing first when it comes to the writing test which is never write words less than the number given in the task. The second thing is you need to know how many words on average you usually write in one line and by doing that you’ll save plenty of time counting the words while you’re writing.

People usually get surprised by their low unexpected grade in writing when claiming they’ve done great in writing, but the thing is that there is a great chance you wrote off the topic so you need to take your time before start writing and fully understand the question before starting to write.

A good writer uses a variety of phrases structures so make sure to do that as the examiner will get an idea of how your grammar and writing sense is well built, which is something all band score niners have in common.

IELTS speaking tips

While most people consider this the hardest IELTS test, we guarantee you that it’s not as normal as the other parts of the tests. Make sure to speak fluently without any form of resistance as if you’re just talking to a friend or someone you know.

Don’t speak too quickly to avoid mispronouncing and sending some of your words to the land of lost words.

If you didn’t understand the question or you need something to be clarified don’t hesitate to ask the examiner to repeat or elaborate more.

There is mixed emotions with your speech as if you’re talking about the topic to someone who is close to you and that shows how confident you are and definitely will bring you a lot closer to the 9 score in IELTS.

Getting a 9 score in IELTS is not as difficult as many people think and just by good practice and following these useful tips you’ll actually enjoy taking the test and expect 9 score before getting your results back.

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