How to Save Energy When Living in an Apartment

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Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or you’re just inspired to go green, there are many ways to save energy and money. Small, practical steps can help you cut your bills down substantially while also saving the environment. Want to get started? Read on.

Replace your Light Bulbs

Whenever you move into a new apartment, check the light fixtures for incandescent lights. Swap these out for more efficient, longer lasting LED lights. You can save up to 70% on electric costs and save more money because you’ll replace the bulbs far less frequently.

Air Dry your Clothes

When you live in a dry climate, air-drying your clothes is a simple, logical, money-saving step. You can make a few clothing lines in your yard or home, or you can hang your clothes on a drying rack. If you need to dry your clothes in the dryer, make sure that the lint collector has been cleaned to increase efficiency.

Start an Indoor Garden

If you live in a spacious modern apartment, you can dedicate an area or an entire room to healthy eating. You’ll save money at the grocery store, transportation energy, and more while also learning a great new skill. Scallions, radishes, spinach, tomatoes, and strawberries all grow great indoors with sufficient light and water.

Cut Down on Water Usage

To use less water in your toilet, you can either use a small brick or a plastic bottle filled with gravel. Place the object in the back of your toilet tank, and it will save its area worth of water with each flush.

A low-flow showerhead can also save money by decreasing the amount of water it expels with each shower. It saves energy and will pay for itself over time.

Finally, don’t forget to turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth. That water use adds up when you brush your teeth twice daily, and you can save hundreds of gallons of water each year.

Turn Down your Thermostat

The amount of energy we use to heat our homes each year continues to rise. You can make a huge difference by dropping your heat down a few degrees—as much as 2% of your heating bill with each degree lowered. If you can bundle up with blankets and hoodies, you’ll be able to drop your thermostat even more.

Properly Insulate your Windows

If you have an apartment with outdated windows, you’ll find yourself up against a draft, but even the best windows tend to let in some cold air. You can easily insulate your windows using a convenient draft stopper. Alternatively, you can line your window with plastic wrap and use double-sided tape to hold it in place to keep out the heat or cold.


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