Napa Valley and its joys

Napa Valley is one of those places you have to visit. For many families, the escape into wine country nestled in the heart of nature. Napa Valley is easy to get into, offers you a proper chance at living high like the richest of the rich with home rentals Napa and with many places for you to relax in.

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The joys and luxury in Napa Valley are immense. So, to figure out your itinerary, check the following list out.

1. Tuck Beckstoffer Estate
One of the premium wine estates in the country, the Tuck Estate offers green valleys which churn out exquisite wine all year round. Take your kids around for a play around the fields, and take part in the various activities offered by the estate itself.

Nestled in a canyon, the scenery is welcoming and quite varied throughout the estate. Remember to taste out the wine that’s available and enjoy the local tasting samples for living life on the high road, even if it’s just for a while.

2. Wine Train
Buses are not exactly a convenient way to go round Napa Valley. The Wine Train is a chance for the visitors to partake in the gourmet lunches and wines from local wineries. Check out the different spaces around the valley and famous local center in the three hours run around the area. The tasting car is one of the cheapest tasting opportunities you’ll have where for a $10 you’d get to have a four float for yourself.

The Wine Train is a refurbished and re-structured old Pullman car, and the journey offers some excellent photo opportunities too.

3. Napa Valley Opera House
You haven’t lived up to your life if you have not attended Opera. The Napa Valley Opera House hosts performances throughout the year and if you’re lucky you can catch one of the legendary American troupes perform. Another place to visit is the Uptown Theatre which has nightly live music and other performances for you to enjoy.

These are the best things to do if you’re a couple looking for some enjoyment.

4. Auberge du Soleil
Napa Valley is home to some of the most exclusive restaurants in the entire country. So, it makes no sense to include “Auberge du Soleil” in this list. One of the premier restaurants, the place boasts of beautiful sceneries and an excellent menu that would have you hooked for hours. This is the area you want to be in with your significant other to sample the wine from the local wineries and to check out the scenic beauty that stretches around for miles.

Reservation is recommended, especially if you’re traveling during the season.

5. CIA St. Helena Campus
If you’re looking for a fun activity for the entire family, The Culinary Institute of America offers some of the best chances at the experience. You can have gourmet food samples for future chefs and also partake in the background of cooking under the instructors’ yourselves.
Take a cooking class, and sample different kinds of foods from the future chefs of America and enjoy yourselves to the full. If you see yourself pursuing the culinary arts any time in the future, this would be a high starting point.

6. Castello di Amorosa
A multi-storeyed castle is a dream for many of us, but, for those who can’t make it a reality right now, this castle offers a view into the lifestyle that comes along with it. Built with fierce dedication by an Italian man, this castle is filled with wonders. What’s more, for the low admission price of $5, you can also partake in the local wine floats and enjoy yourselves.

The castle is chiseled out of over 8000 tonnes of stone, and it’s a work of art as well as an effort in love which makes it one of the best places to visit with your friends.

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