Iceland’s new prime minister is 41-year-old environmentalist

iceland Prime minister Katrin Jakobsdottir

Iceland’s new Prime Minister is green.

Iceland, made progressive or well at least famous by Bjork, has made some monumental strides by electing Katrin Jakobsdottir, the 41-year-old chairwoman of the Left-Green Movement, as Prime Minister. She is well liked and while a former education minister she is also an avid environmentalist.

Iceland, this is the country that slows down speed racers with 3D sidewalks.

In her role she has pledged to help Iceland become carbon neutral by 2040. She will be the fourth PM in two short years, but she might have the trust that the country’s citizens seek right now after a series of scandals.

She is the party leader who can best unite voters from the left and right,” said Eva H. Onnudottir, a political scientist at the University of Iceland, according to the New York Times. “Because this coalition includes parties from the left to the right, their work will be more about managing the system instead of making ‘revolutionary’ changes.”

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